About Luna Luxe

Moon-lover and Professional Jewelry Junkie, Bre Luna, founded Luna Luxe in November of 2019 in her home base, Phoenix, Arizona.

A message from the CEO:

Like the moon, we must all go through phases. In high school I loved fashion so much that I decided to make a career out of it. I took sewing classes, Fashion courses, Merchandising courses. I always had my head in the latest Vogue magazine, watched designer runway shows, and tuned into all of the fashion shows the networks had to offer. I started designing and creating my own clothes and bags by hand and selling them to locals. Talk about early entrepreneurship! 

Right after high school I jumped into college with my mind set on pursing a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I interned at a local boutique for a year and LOVED it. From placing orders to merchandising the store to styling the ladies who walked in.. I knew in my heart this was my calling.

For me it was never about just making a sale. It is the work that's put in to hand-picking beautiful pieces, keeping up with trends (or just going for it and trying something new!) I fell in love with styling women and making them feel more confident, overly excited to wear their new pieces. It's hearing about all of the compliments they got throughout the day from that one statement piece that stole the show! That's what does it for me, so I love spreading that energy over others.

I created Luna Luxe out of my love for jewelry. My goal is to continue spreading love and making every woman who wears my jewelry and accessories feel beautiful when adding to what she already has on the inside. I believe beauty starts in the mind, not in the mirror. I always say: "the best accessory to wear is confidence, the next best thing is your jewels!"

My goal with Luna Luxe is to bring out that ultimate level of confidence and beauty with every woman who wears my pieces!


Bre Luna

"Luna Luxe was created out of my love for jewelry. My goal to launch Luna Luxe in November 2019 came with one mission in mind: empower women to really feel the beauty within themselves just as they see the beauty in our jewelry pieces. It's my goal to spark something in women, to encourage them to celebrate the beauty within while adorning themselves for the world to see!"